Who runs the pension fund

The Powys County Council Pension Fund is run by Powys County Council.

This means that Powys County Council is the "administering authority" as defined in the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations.

The Council manages the Fund via the Pensions and Investment Committee which makes decisions and takes responsibility for the management and investment of the Fund.

Administering authorities are required to act in the interests of all employers, members and their dependants within the Fund. The role of the administering authority is very similar to that of a trustee.

The Pensions Section at Powys County Council look after the day to day administration of the Local Government Pension Scheme.

The role of the Pensions Board is to assist in the good governance of the scheme through the monitoring of Fund performance and adherence to statutory duties.  The Pensions Board is not a decision-making body - its role is to assist in the compliance with scheme rules.

The Powys Pension Fund is one of the participating pension funds within the Wales Pension Partnership (WPP). The WPP is a collaboration of the eight LGPS funds (Constituent Authorities) covering the whole of Wales and is one of eight national Local Government Pension pools.

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